How to Play Drums – Getting Started

The most common problem with many amateur drummers is that they do not know where and how to get started. Their approach towards learning how to play the drums is wrong in many ways and they don’t even know about it. Some of them are so ambitious that they end up trying to play the most advanced patterns before learning the basics of drumming.

You can learn to play drums in two ways. You can hire a drum instructor to teach you or you can learn yourself. Of course, hiring a drum instructor would cost you about 2000 dollars per year. Learning to play drums yourself is not impossible but it is difficult. It needs self-discipline and sometime daily for your drumming. There is a popular saying that “Practice makes perfect”. Thus, the only way to get perfect is by practice. Only practice won’t suffice, the practice has to be perfect as well.

In order to learn how to play the drums, you have to set mini goals which are realistic to achieve within a drumming session. You should make a schedule before sitting on the drums of what you want to learn. If you want to sound as good as a professional drummer you will have to take more time out than just a few hours a week. It is like the schedule of an athlete who prepares his or her day for the sport they play.

In order to speed up the drums learning process, there are a few things to remember. You need to buy a 5 piece drum set, at least. A decent drum set might cost $170 or more. Check out for Bridgecraft and Yamaha drums for the best deals. You need to carry out a lot of comparison shopping online. You should consider creating a soundproof room to practice in. Auralex Studiofoam Wedge Panels cost about 50 dollars per rack. This is necessary if you do not want the neighbors to start complaining.

Personally I always recommend beginners to get the best electronic drum set they can afford – they’re easier to practice on and also eliminate the noise/loudness issue. This means you’re going to be able to put in a lot more hours into practice and won’t have to stress about other people “hearing how horrible you are”.

You also need to buy a brand name drumstick like Pro-Mark, Vic Firth or Zildijan. These drumsticks are extremely reliable, durable and strong. They may be costly but they cost less than buying three cheap drumsticks that are not durable. You need to grip the drumsticks in a manner which enables you to play with comfort, extract the right bounce and utilize drumstick performance to the fullest.

You should start off with the drumming by maintaining the tempo on hi-hat with the hand you’re more comfortable with. You need to start playing with a basic pattern on hi-hat and integrate with basic pattern of bass drum. Most important thing is not to become over-ambitious. You should now integrate the snare into the drum beat. These basic steps will help you to gain confidence.

Once you know how to play drums with this basic drum beat, and then try incorporating the rest of the drum hardware into the beat. Try to be creative and develop your own unique style of playing drums. You just try to be creative and originality will comes hand in hand with creative. You also need to choose a genre of drumming. There are many genres of drumming such as rock, jazz, r&b, Latin and African drums.

Learning From Others When Playing the Drums

Learning from others with an instrument may open up different ways of doing things that may make a real difference. Some people find it helpful to listen to others drum tracks. There are a variety of tracks available, for example rock drum tracks and jazz drum tracks are very popular.

Additionally, other people should be able to advise someone’s on their skill and technique, by offering an unbiased opinion on what they are doing. There may be performance aspects that people keep that may be impeding their progress or reducing their effectiveness.

These flaws are simply part of being a musician, but most people are going to be blind to them. It is very difficult for people to self-evaluate what they are doing, simply because of the inherent biases that are going to be associated with the process.

Therefore, the first benefit that comes along with asking others for help is getting an honest evaluation from others. These evaluations are invaluable in nature, because it lets performers know their strengths and weaknesses, as well as helping them to improve.

Indeed, these evaluations should be honestly sought out wherever possible. It may not always be a pleasant experience being judged ion this way, but it does help in many different ways.


The feedback of peers should be greatly helpful when someone is drumming. Accepting feedback and integrating it into the skill set that one has should make a real difference in helping them to be a more effective force.

The next benefit that comes with playing with others is that people can learn from the uniqueness of others. As stated, every single person is going to be somewhat different in their approach and techniques.

Drumming should be fun

Drumming is taught in many schools as it has been shown to offer benefits to any musician who plays the drums. The drums have been known to expand a person’s mind by allowing them to learn in a different manner and it is also very useful in giving people an upper body workout. With so many benefits from taking up this instrument, there are a number of reasons to learn to play drums and this can be seen in the development of people who have played the drums.

There is a huge range of ways that a person can learn how to drum and one of the most innovative and increasingly popular is taking online drum lessons. The Internet has had so many positive aspects in people’s life by offering them information and details about a whole range of topics and drums are just one positive aspect. Being able to learn at your own pace or having the ability to revisit past lessons and ensure that drumming tips are being absorbed.

Drumming is cool

As well as learning, many people just want to take up a new instrument because it is cool. There is no denying that being in a band or playing an instrument is something that many people dream about and would love to do. This means that anyone picking up a new instrument will make them much cooler in many people’s eyes. Obviously this doesn’t really make a difference but it’s how a lot of people think and this makes it inevitable there will be a clamor to play a musical instrument and drums are as good as any choice you could make.

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